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Say hello to Stacy, Standard Chartered Bank’s (SCB) virtual banking assistant ! You’ll find her ready to talk on SCB’s Hong Kong homepage and mobile app.

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SCB is one of the world’s largest banks and this continues our incredible momentum working with an A+ roster of banks creating the largest-scale production deployments in the industry.

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we’re incredibly excited to celebrate Stacy’s arrival in Hong Kong, conversing in both Cantonese and English. In fact, Stacy was also trained to understand a mix of verbal and written Cantonese as well as English characters.

Today, she supports hundreds of unique banking questions and hundreds of thousands of ways to understand and solve customers’ queries. She can engage with customers about banking offers, nearby rebates, branches / ATM locations, and provide instantaneous support. Stacy is beyond convenient and personal – it’s a whole new banking experience. The more she interacts with SCB customers, the faster she’ll learn.

Here’s a sampling of what she can do today:

Product application and eligibility

Stacy can help customers find the banking products best suited for their lifestyle, and guide them to the online application in a few simple clicks. Stacy also advises on the best welcome offers available to further delight SCB customers.

Offers nearby

Customers will never miss out on a dining, hotel or retail offer. Stacy lets them know what offers are available in their preferred category or merchant.

ATMs and branches nearby

Stacy can tell customers where ATMs and SCB branches are located near them and provide information about the services offered and the hours they are open.

Services and more

Lost credit card? Want to update personal information? Upload documents? Stacy is a powerhouse helping to solve customers’ service-related queries.

A persona on brand

Curious how old Stacy is? Want to know which sports team Stacy follows? Go ahead, ask and discover a more personal side to Stacy. She’s a virtual assistant with a persona that reflects SCB’s brand.

This marks the beginning of Stacy’s journey, and she’ll be learning more customer journeys in the near future.

*content via Kasisto

Mox Bank CEO and Board of Director

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