So do you want to be a UX/UI Designer as a part of our Service Design Team ? We are looking for senior/junior designers who will design services instead products;

1) User Centered / Easy. : Services should be experienced through the customer’s eyes

2) Co-Creative / Rare. : All stakeholders should be included

3) Sequencing / Very Difficult : Services should be visualised as a sequence of interrelated actions

4) Evidencing / Real Love. : The entire environment of services should be considered

5) Evidencing / Climax. : Intangible services should be visualised.

If you want to be a part of our amazing team ==> or pls connect Helen Ho Gökçe Altun Burak Ceviz Justin Geaney

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We are waiting all HK and China based designers to meet 🇭🇰🐉🐲✌🏻 We have a beautiful office with many future minded people, come and visit us.

Mox Bank CEO and Board of Director

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