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As the people of a world that managed to fit 2 economic crises into the 21st century, we are going through days that it’s not enough to only talk about Turkey. Because today, the borders of maps no longer consist of only customs and physical points at the borders. Although each year starts with the feeling that it may be worse than the previous year, I’m hopeful about 2017. Here is the Digitalman’s Guide To the Galaxy 2017 that consists of 6 articles:

  1. Modular Life: Now everything is starting to be made up of modular units. Contrary to the old mentality of flamboyancy and wanting to own even things that are unnecessary, a life that is small and need-oriented is coming. We are talking about a society who doesn’t buy anything that is not needed, and even wants to use products and services into pieces. From now on, it will be crucial that the products and services we offer can be split into modules and clearly be viewed.

2. Virtual Reality Will Sell: Last year, I wrote an article called “Would VR Sell”, and stated 2017 as the date it will start to sell; now its time has come. If you are saying that it’s still too niche, who would wear those glasses, I advice you to take a look at the point arrived with mobile games and game videos watched on Youtube. Especially in 2017, games consoles will go through a significant evolution. I suggest you to determine which part of this game you will be very clearly.

3. Reliability of Biometric Date: We’ve been talking for years whether fingerprints can be our identity, or whether they are safe. 2017 will be a year that millions of people will use biometric models for the first time. It is clear that these solutions will be used not only for system login, but in many actions such as transaction triggering and payment.

4. CDO’s are Going, CXO’s are Coming: In the last 1,5 years, we have discussed the subject of digital leaders at companies quite a lot. Now, digital is no longer an area that only a team will work on, as it is spreading through the entire organization. Therefore, Chief Digital Officers are going, and Chief Experience Officers are coming. On short, “experience” will be the primary subject of 2017. Speaking of experience, these new leaders are coming with their bots. Thus, user experience will be this much bilateral for the first time, and we will start to see the first important examples of it this year.

5. Heart Share of Fintechs: The final article of the last year was “Market Share of Heart Share?”. This year fintechs continued to increase their heart shares. But we will see the most striking point with fintechs that run TV commercials for the first time around the middle of 2017. Just like the astonishment we experienced when a computer game was promoted with a TV commercial 10 years ago, small players will now aim for big heart shares.

6. The New West, East: It is always told, wealth is actually in the East. Therefore, for a few centuries, western countries carried wealth to east with many expeditions. We all know that both in the last 3 quarters of the 20th century and the first 16 years of the 21st century, the west has been ahead both in terms of wealth and culture, and in many areas. Schools, education systems, business opportunities, new technologies… 2017 will be the year this will turn the other way. Narrow margin and old economies in Europe and America will give way to outnumbering economies of the east that are productive and can utilize technology well, but are still largely untouched, having wider margins.

The fact of the matter is that, we may see many different trends in 2017, but these 6 subjects will continue to trigger various different points. I wish you a healthy and peaceful 2017 and plenty of heart share.

Mox Bank CEO and Board of Director

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