Chief Product Officer

A Chief Product Officer (“CPO”) — sometimes referred as a Head of Product, Head of Retail or Vice President of Product — is the individual responsible for all product-related activities across an organisation. I want to define what I see as the key role of the CPO for a modern financial institution. What are the expectations? What are the mission-critical skills? Who is this ‘talented CPO’?

1. Visionary and Influencer and Juggler

Banking in today’s environment is challenging, and at times chaotic, requiring you to juggle many demands at once — needs of customers, needs of staffs, needs of regulators…

Emotional Finance : Financial Health or Freedom ?

Writing about finance is always tricky. Either there is a lot of focus on financial institutions or services, or they are written with a lot of customers in mind. But indeed, striking a balance between the two is always very difficult.

In this article, I have a lot to share with you about ‘financial health’ and it is useful to clarify a few issues beforehand. Many studies we have done show that when we ask people what is financial health, the first thing that comes to mind is having enough money to…

Redifining the Financial Sector and Building a New Bank

Starting from Egg Bank to today, we have seen more than 2000 trials to build a new bank from scracth and a few successful examples only..Redifining the financial sector is not a short distance run, it is an ultra marathon 🚀🇭🇰🐲 Simply put, the long run takes avarage runners and gives them armor, it turns Tony Stark into Iron Man. it puts tiger in the cat. 🏃🏻‍♂️🏃🏻‍♀️ We are still looking for long runners 👍🏻

Digital Currency or Trading Renaissance ?

Can Ca(Libra) save the world ? Why is this so important ? I do not have all this answers however i really appreciate what David Marcus is trying to build.

How i see the problem;

1) Uncertainty on Definitions : We need to define clearly what is Crypto Currency, BlockChain, Digital Wallets and real Digital Currencies.

2) Brand as a Currency : Does Facebook brand help this initiative ? Not at all.. Currency is a very sensitive topic especially for US. The biggest export of US is USD and they. do not want to…

Brave New Bank

(Special thanks to 11FS team)

In this special guest blog, Deniz Güven, CEO and Executive Director, Virtual Bank by Standard Chartered, discusses innovation in Hong Kong and the development of a Brave New Bank.

When Aldous Huxley wrote ‘Brave New World’ in 1931, almost 90 years ago, he talked about Incubation Centre and Human Accelerators in the context of a futuristic dystopian society. Today those same words are still used in various industries, though with much different meanings. In today’s lexicon, they have cutting-edge implications.

I believe these phrases will again be re-defined by a new chapter…

So do you want to be a UX/UI Designer as a part of our Service Design Team ? We are looking for senior/junior designers who will design services instead products;

1) User Centered / Easy. : Services should be experienced through the customer’s eyes

2) Co-Creative / Rare. : All stakeholders should be included

3) Sequencing / Very Difficult : Services should be visualised as a sequence of interrelated actions

4) Evidencing / Real Love. : The entire environment of services should be considered

5) Evidencing / Climax. : Intangible services should be visualised.

If you want to be a part of our amazing team ==> or pls connect Helen Ho Gökçe Altun Burak Ceviz Justin Geaney

We are waiting all HK and China based designers to meet 🇭🇰🐉🐲✌🏻 We have a beautiful office with many future minded people, come and visit us.

Joint venture granted virtual bank licence

Hong Kong – Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) Limited (“Standard Chartered”), PCCW Limited (“PCCW”), HKT Trust and HKT Limited (“HKT”) and Ctrip Financial Management (Hong Kong) Co., Limited (“Ctrip Finance”) today announced the establishment of a strategic joint venture to deliver a new standalone digital retail bank in Hong Kong. The joint venture will be conducted under a new entity, which today was granted a licence to operate a virtual bank in Hong Kong by the Hong Kong Monetary Authority (“HKMA”).

Standard Chartered will hold 65.1% in the joint venture, while PCCW, HKT and…

Transforming of Chatbots / Level 1

Say hello to Stacy, Standard Chartered Bank’s (SCB) virtual banking assistant ! You’ll find her ready to talk on SCB’s Hong Kong homepage and mobile app.

SCB is one of the world’s largest banks and this continues our incredible momentum working with an A+ roster of banks creating the largest-scale production deployments in the industry.

Müşterinin Robin Hood’u Olmak; Gerçek Dijital Bankalar Geliyor!

İnsanız hepimiz, her zaman bizi o zor durumun veya problemin içinden kurtaracak kahramanı bekliyoruz. O kahraman bazen geliyor ama çoğu zaman gelmiyor. Gelmiyor olması size özel değil, sakın kişisel almayın ama her dönemde ve her problem için kahramanlar çıkacak diye bir şey yok. Kahramanlar gerçekten büyük problemlerin olduğu zamanlarda çıkar ve unutmayın gerçek kahramanın kim olduğunu anlamak genelde zordur.

İşte tam öyle bir gündü, 2008’in başlarında yurtdışında bir konferansta konuşma yaparken bir anda birçok bankacı arkadaşımızın büyük bir panikle telefonlarıyla dışarı koşarak çıktıkları anı hatırlıyorum. Evet, o büyük sub-prime krizinin etkisiyle birçok…

The bank’s new global head for design and client experience wants to introduce humanised, easy-to-use solutions instead.

Deniz Güven was appointed as Standard Chartered’s global head, design and client experience in May this year.

Güven has 17 years of experience in the banking industry, and his most recent role was senior vice-president of digital channels at Garanti, the second-largest private bank in Turkey. He was in charge of mobile and online banking channels, ATMs, call centres, user experience and service design.

Find out more about Güven in this exclusive interview with Asian Banking and Finance.

What makes you excited about…

Deniz Guven

Mox Bank CEO and Board of Director

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