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5 Features That I Look For In A BOT

When I say feature that I look for in a bot, maybe you expect me to say “telling me the truth by looking me in the eye”; if there were different variations of this title, may be I could have said that. As you all know “bots” are probably one of the 10 sexiest subjects of the last 1 year. I remember the article I wrote in this column last May called “Mom, Where are my Bots?”, and I often think about whether we have advanced much. To tell you the truth, I still have not met a bot that satisfy me that much. In 2016, the one that impressed me the most was the insurance bot called “Lemonade”. Now, I will briefly list 5 features of the bot that I think will impress me in 2017.

1) Not repeating the same things over and over again like a parrot. Yes, you’ve read right, I’m tired of bots that only talk about things that they want to say and know when I chat with a chatbot. As the name suggests, solving things by chatting is a different kind of success after all. In short, not constantly trying to sell me a loan with simple flows, and not offering the same suggestion after a few steps no matter what I say is the first feature that I look for in a bot.

2) I am looking for a bot that learns autonomously. When reading this, please don’t think that I have an absolute expectation of AI – Artificial Intelligence. I can’t tell you enough the sense of real communication that it will create when a bot returns by learning a subject that it couldn’t respond or understand a few days ago. Therefore, we shouldn’t just produce our chatbots, but we must also add findings in the background according to the questions, even if it’s done manually.

3) Let it be with me in my own world too. Not only when I go on social platforms, but let it be with me nonstop on all kinds of platforms in terms of experience. Let it be with me when I’m using my relevant application, and even co-browse when I’m performing a transaction (provide support simultaneously when performing a transaction). When I close my application and go on a different platform of the relevant service, let me be sure that it will be right by my side.

4) Don’t let it quit in the middle of our conversation. While chatting and trying to find a solution for me, the moment when it directs me to another step saying I can perform my transaction or make my payments through there, it becomes the most problematic moment of our relationship. Just when it earns my trust, I expect it to perform the transaction or payment through itself. This is probably one of the most critical issues. Each unfinished process is an incident that kills user experience, and even leads to not seeing your user again.

5) Finally, I expect it to be beautiful and attractive. Don’t get me wrong thinking about the movie “Her”. What I’m talking about is this; it is very crucial that it can have emotional touches, and interact not only by writing, but also by video and voice interaction when needed. In other words, what will create different perceptions will be not limiting the experience to only writing, and not just being made up of a nice design.

I think that we will start to see examples of these piece by piece in 2017. I hope you meet the bots you are looking for in the upcoming months.

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